Stormy Sky

Stormy Sky
When I Walk Through The Shadow Of Death I Shall Not Fear

Monday, 30 October 2017

Doing What Matters - Day 14 - A Story That Matters or

Living a life that mattes must be full of actually doing all sorts of things that matter. 

Romans12: 1-2; Ephesians 3:20; Luke 9: 23-25; John 10:10; Mark 12: 28-31; Joshua 1:9

We all have a choice on how to live our lives.  If we spend it watching T.V. or living in fear of doing what matters, or being angry etc. that is what we will produce.

What if I allowed the seemingly impossible to become the possible?  This is hard to answer.  If I stayed in my fear of church people and didn't go back to church 1984  I probably would have succeeded in committing suicide instead of being healed of the bipolar and having the daemons cast out and becoming who God created instead of whom people wanted me to be. I will continue to do what matters and see the excitement of where God will take me.

What if every day I made choices that caused me to live differently?  My life would continue to be exciting and I would help people by loving them.

What if I loved God and others with reckless abandon and a selfless heart?  Perhaps people will see Christ in me and want him too.

What if I never allowed fear to stop me?  God would take me places I would never have dreamed of going as he already has.   

Dream wildly, live differently, love recklessly, and lead courageously for the glory of God.

Doing What Matters - Day 13- Lead Couragously - Part Three

The message today has been about something I have pondered a lot.
John 13:1-17;  Luke 22: 24-27;  Philippians 2:1-11

People say if you want to know if you are a leader, look at who is following you.  This author said something smelled funky about this.

Often people who have the biggest position have the most followers.  Many leader lead for power and control but they are not stirred to do what really matters.  Cults are good at having mind numbing followers for their power.  Often when we do what matters we are following God and are alone.

Leadership is not about people following us; but us following God.

From the late 1980 to 2000 I followed God back to church than to Singing Waters to get healed.  In 2003 I started to make pottery as this is what God called me to do.

I am still following God in 2017.  At the end of this month I will be taking my pottery wheel to a ladies retreat in Sudbury.  The retreat is 'I am the potter; you are the clay'.  I will be making pottery at the front of the room while the speaker talks.

I read this study at the right time to show me that I am a leader because I get out of the boat and walk on water to follow Jesus.  

Doing What Matters - Day 12- Lead Couragously Part 2

What do I talk about?  Do I gossip? -  I used to but not any more. Do I talk more about myself instead of taking and interest in others? -  More than I should.  Do I talk about Jesus? - Unfortunately not as much as I should.  I have turned people away from Jesus by talking about this very sensitive subject so I fear talking about Him and offending people.  I need to learn to talk about Jesus in LOVE without being or sounding pushy.

Lord I need you wisdom on what to say to people, when to say it and how to say it. Help me to be a witness to bring people to You and not to turn them away. 

Act 4 : 7-20, Luke 6:45, Proverbs 18:21 James 3: 3-12

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Doing What Matters - Day 11 - Lead Courageously Part One

The other morning a friend from a town I used to live is asked if I would bring my pottery wheel to their ladies retreat and make pottery while the speaker spoke, at the front of the room.  The theme is 'He is the potter we  are the clay.'  It happens to be the same weekend my church has their annual Christmas tea and there is a baby shower too that weekend.  What to do?  The easy thing would be to stay home, go to the tea and the shower.  Stepping out of my comfort zone would be to haul my pottery wheel and supplies 2 hours north, and turn pottery in front of people. 

Matthew 14: 26-29, Joshua 1:9.

I am behind or not on schedule with my bible study.  The message I read today was how the author of this message would go to the local pool with his friends and as a right of passage jump off the high diving board.  Then he mentioned Joshua and the Israelite's taking the land of milk and honey that had giants in it and Peter walking on the water. (Read the above verses)

Once again God had me read the right passage on the day I needed it to make the right decision.  I am not behind in my bible studies according to God.

If I want to keep following God I need to once again step out of the boat, conquer the giants of my fear and go to the retreat with my pottery wheel. 

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Do What Matters- Day 10 Love Recklessly - Part Three

Today's question is who is hard to love? Matthew 5:38-48; Luke 6:27-36; Romans 12:14
Lots of people with their hang ups and insecurities.  At one time I was hard to love.

I have loved and helped the unlovable out a lot.  Back in the day I would go to ladies houses to have a bible study or help out.  Some people I just try to be friendly too and talk to at church, during coffee time.  One lady in our church is hard to love. My pastor suggested I invite her for dinner.  Not this person.  Sometimes God does say to keep our distance.  This lady is a cling-on.  I was friendly to her at church and she acted like I was her best friend.  Now I just talk to her when I see her.  That is not easy as the last time she was insulting to me.  Interesting is that our pastor also chooses who to help and be friendly to. He knows he has upset me, but instead of trying to mend the fence by talking to me about it only says hi to me now. 

I even had a time like this with my brother.  For a few years he stopped talking to me and my sister.  I would visit Dad and watch him work on the farm, yet he never came in to the house to even say hi.  And I drove 6 hours to get there.

Another lady invited a few of us ladies over for lunch after bible study.  So I went and convinced others to come, even though I would rather have gone home to get some work done. Is she hard to love, she is a bit judgemental?  But that is her problem, not mine.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Doing What Matters - Day 9 Love Recklessly Part Two

Today is to Love Your Neighbor. Mathew 22:34-36;  John 13:34-35: 1 Corinthians 13:1-7; Romans 13:10; 1 John 4:7; John 15: 12-13 1 John 3: 16-18

I must say I do like to be by myself.  I am not the type of person who takes baking to my nieghbour.  My daughter does.  I am friendly to my neighbours when I see them, but that is the easy thing to do.

How can I show love to my nieghbour?  He is not an easy person to love, mainly because he lies.  He had to put his wife in  a home and they are our age.  Smoking! Dave does clear the end of his driveway after the snowplow comes.

This one I will have to ponder on.  

I was able to go to church today. God moved me to tell the church that God is our father too.  At Angela's church the second sermon was on this and we sang a song about we are loved because of who we are.  Today, for my first time we sang this song in our church. The sermon 1Corinthians 13:3.  Steve is doing a series on love.  I am being hit from three directions.  Love has been hard for me for I did not have proper love from my birth on.  I have improved a lot in this area though.

God is my father, my protector.  Unfortunately my earthly father teased me and criticized me,  he wasn't my protector.  It is hard to see a father as a protector.  My next challenge in life is to love and know God as my intimate father and my protector.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Doing What Matters - Day 8 - Love Recklessly - Part One

Today's devotion is how we, me included, love when it is easy.  We are called to love the loveless.  This is hard, especially when they hurt us. 
Mathew 22: 34-36; Luke 10: 25-37

There wasn't a question today, but and interesting thought.

The danger for most of us is not that we'll become bad people who don't care about things that matter. No the danger is that we'll become good people who don't do anything that matters! 

Within me lies a person who desires  to love. God's Spirit is pulling me and inviting me to become more of that person.  The Spirit never quilt's me, shames me, or bullies me to become loving. 

He completes me. 

Where I lack in love God fills it.  There have been many times that I know God has given me the words to say to someone in need.  I don't know what they need, but God does.  Staying in the Spirit is extremely important in order to let God complete me.