Stormy Sky

Stormy Sky
When I Walk Through The Shadow Of Death I Shall Not Fear

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Day 16 - Crave -- The Greateast Treasure

Psalm 119:127

1) What did the psalmist ask for in order to understand God's statutes (Vs 125)?

He wanted God to help him understand the inner meanings of God's instructions, not just surface understanding.

2) How did the psalmist describe God's commands (v 127)?

He loved God's commands better than gold or precious gemstones. 

3) How much do I treasure God's commandments? How is this shown in the way I live?

This is an interesting question. Do I treasure it the way the psalmist did?  I have never thought about this.  I love God's commandments as they have helped me to improve my life. As a result, my life is not controlled by insecurities, fear or anger like it used to be.  I do want to love God's commandments more than gold or precious gemstones like the psalmist did.

Day 15 Crave - The Surest Hope

Psalm 119:116

1) How did the psalmist respond to his enemies? Why do you think did he respond that way?

He asks God to get the evil doers out of his way and to expose what they are doing.  He remains close to God.  He asked God to get rid of the evil doers because he knew he could not do it.  He relied on God to take revenge.

2) What was the psalmist's attitude in spite of the challenges he faced? (Vs 117)?
For God to uphold him and protect him and stick with him and he will give his all to God.

3) How can God help me stand in awe of his laws today?

To continue to be with me and to remind me of His laws ever moment of my life.

GOODIE BAG: God's Word is faithful and a sure source of hope. 

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Day 14 Crave- Light Will Shine

Psalm 119:105

It has been a busy week since I posted.  Sometimes things, good things, happen in my life and I need to take a break from righting my devotions. 

Every Father's Day weekend we camp out at the Paris, Ontario fairgrounds for the annual Vintage Motorcycle Rally.  We have been going there for close to 40 years.  The first few years the event was near our parents home so we stayed with our parents for the event. It was quite small in those days.  The event grew and moved to Paris, a motorcycle flee market began and Dave decided to take his old motorcycle stock to sell it.  I think our first camping arrangements were throwing a mattress in the back of the utility trailer that we hauled our motorcycles and parts in.  Now we have a travel trailer. It is much easier for cooking, a bathroom, shower and a bed.  Of course, since it is in the middle of a field I do not have WYFY access.  The weather was hot when we got home from the weekend so we headed to our cottage for a swim.  Monday morning our daughter arrived at the cottage with the 2 grandkids and her 2 dogs.  Tuesday morning she went to a course near the cottage, then home to work, leaving them with us.  We have been busy entertaining the grandkids.

Now on to the devotion.

1) What was the psalmist's response to suffering and trials? (vs 107, 110)?

Despite his trials and suffering, from wicket people, he asks God to renew and revive him and always stays close to God's precepts or rules.

2) How is God's Word "a lamp to my feet and a light to my path' (vs 105)?

God's Word points to the direction I should go in.  His light illuminates the path that God has put me on. I must choose to follow God's path.

3) How committed am I to keep God's degrees?  How can I put this truth into practice today?

I am quite committed and have been for many years, decades even. I follow His truth as best I can.  I am not perfect and I do sin.  What I need to do is to repent instantly and not let my sin drag me down further into more sin.

GOODIE BAG: In life's dark seasons, God's Word is the light that helps us keep going.    


Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Day 13 Crave-- Loving The Word

Psalm 119:103

1) What benefits does meditating on God's Word bring?

It brings truth into my mind when the world bombards us with lies.  It also helps when things go wrong with my life.

2) How did the psalmist respond when he came to understand God's precepts (vs104)?

He got understanding about life and ended up hating every false way.

3) How will I express my love for God's law today?

Being kind and trying to be complimentary to people I see.

GOODIE BAG: God's Word is worth wanting and craving for!

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Day 12 Crave -- Faithful And True

Psalm 119:96

1) How is God's Word "eternal," described in these verses?

Our lives end on this earth, but God's truth and Word never ends. His ways and World are very wide and keep going forever and ever. Romans 3:10-19 says that everyone is imperfect and evil, therefore, we need to die to rid our sin.  God is perfect and therefore can go on forever.  Perfection will not come until we get to heaven, through Jesus Christ, where there is no sin.

2) In verse 95, how did the psalmist respond to those who threatened to attack him? Why do you think he responds that way?

He doesn't get concerned about those who want to hurt him.  He is only concerned with what God has planned for him.  He keeps his eyes on God and not on our sinful world.

3) What steps will I take to put this truth into action today?

I need to stay in the word and get my strength from God so that I can do as the psalmist and fix my eyes on God and not look at how the world treats me, even when it comes from the church.

GOODIE BAG: God's Word stands firm forever. 

Monday, 11 June 2018

Day 11 Crave-- Waiting On God's Moving

Psalm 119:81

1) Despite his feelings, what did the psalmist choose to do?

He waits for God's instructions, by keeping a steady gaze on God.

2) How can trusting what God says help me through a time of waiting?

God has never failed me in the past, therefore, I have faith that He will get me through anything in the future.  I know it is God's timing, not mine, despite that sometimes I feel I have missed His timing by being ahead or behind it, but God's timing is always perfect. When I wait for God's timing my life runs smooth.

3) What specific Bible verses can you hold on to as you wait for God's next move?

Two of my favourite verses line up with this question.

Isaiah 40:31 
But those who wait on the Lord
Shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint.

I like this verse as it reminds me that I will sore to new heights if I wait on God and do not try to do things in my own strength.  God will give me the strength and energy to follow Him. Years ago I  had a vision.  I was standing on a cliff and I jumped off.  An eagle swooped up and I flew on his back.  I could see for miles, the day was sunny, the sky was blue and it was beautiful. 

My other favourite verse is Philippians 4:13 which lines up with not doing it on my own strength.  

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

GOODIE BAG:  God's word is an anchor that secures us even during long waits. 



Sunday, 10 June 2018

Day 10 Crave-- Living Testimony

Psalm 119:74

1) As the psalmist lived his life, many eyes were on him. How can I relate with him?  How do I feel about the truth that people are watching me?

As a Christian, I know that people are watching me. This makes me watch what I say and to be a better witness for Christ for their sake.  At times it also does not please me for 2 reasons.  First, there are those who are like the Pharisees and are waiting for me to fail so they can accuse and point their finger at me.  Those people think that Christians are perfect.  Which brings me to the second point, which is that I am not perfect and it annoys me when the world expects that. 

2) Where did the psalmist get his confidence to live for God even under the scrutiny of the world?

He put his hope in God and His Word. He knew that those who fear God will rejoice when they see him.

3) Why can we be confident in choosing to remain on God's side even amidst opposition (Romans 8:31, 2 Corinthians 4:16)

If God is for us then who can be against us.  God never gives up on me and is always renewing me to change me into be a better woman for His glory.

GOODIE BAG: Let the world see in your life that God has the power to redeem and transformed.