Stormy Sky

Stormy Sky
When I Walk Through The Shadow Of Death I Shall Not Fear

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Chase The Lion - So Far So God

After the Israelites had victory over the Philistines they built and altar and called it Ebenezer, signifying the Lord who helped them. It was a reminder that God helped them then and will again. 

We all need Ebenezers in our lives to remind us what God has done for us.

One of the commands in the Old testementLeviticus 23:39-43) commanded the people to celebrate for 7 days.  Newlyweds were to honeymoon for one year.  

In our society, we don't know how to celebrate for a long time.  For me, it was drummed into me that I was not humble but proud if I did.  Also whenever I did anything weird out of the norm I got teased or criticized. I learned to shut down my excitement a long time ago. 

We need to celebrate more. 

We need to celebrate better.

Why? Because thus far the Lord has helped us.

What God-given victories can you celebrate in the course of chasing your God-given objectives so far?

I need to celebrate how God has restored and given back to me my health.  I need to tell people and not be afraid of ridicule.  Not easy for me to do. 

1 Samuel 7:10-12

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