Stormy Sky

Stormy Sky
When I Walk Through The Shadow Of Death I Shall Not Fear

Friday, 9 September 2016

Chase The Lion - Dealing with Would-Be-Dream Destroyers

God gave Joseph dreams that his family would bow down to him, him the baby and spoiled child.  His brothers decided to get rid of him and sold him as a slave.  Joseph was tossed into a prison and left to die because he refused the sexual advances of Pharaoh's wife.  Life couldn't get worse, but Joseph held onto his dream.  Thirteen years later he was Pharaoh's right-hand man and dishing out food to his brother's, who had no food.

He did not take revenge, but instead said 'God ordained this time'. 

There will always be people who will criticise your dreams, jealous, petty angry, stubborn people.   What should we do with it?  Do what Jesus did.  Offend the Pharisees that want to pick your dream apart.  They are everywhere, especially in the church.  They are the ones who don't want their ways and beliefs upset, stubborn people. 

Dreams will always ruffle some feathers, but don't play chicken.  Operate boldly. 

You can please all of the people sometimes and some of the people all the time, but you can not please all of the people all of the time.

A compliment from a fool is really and insult and an insult from a fool is really a compliment.

What kind of critisism or opposition have I been receiving?  How do I respond?

I have had lots of cristism, especially when I was in a Baptist church that taught rules and not the love of God. I could list a lot. I will share only two.

A Baptist tried to tell me that I did not have demons in me.  He believed Jesus can't come in us if we have demons as they are evil, yet the bible says we are all evil. If that is the case why is Jesus in us at all?   A few weeks later I got a prophetic word which said 'You know the truth don't believe the liars'.

I have had problems with people in the church and God has told me to walk away from them, so they don't bring me down to their level.  One pastor told me to quit the youth so I wouldn't get hurt by the leaders.  One of the leaders was the one who said I didn't have demons in me.  He stoped the youth so they wouldn't hurt others.  Then another pastor told to me to have dinner with a couple in our church who had caused problems on our team.  He said I sould get to know them better.  Six months later they publically hurt our team and shocked others in the room.  If that pastor had done what the first had done and told them not to volunteer this wouldn't have happen. 2 Thesalians 3:14 talks about what to do here.  

These situations have upset me and my heart tightens during these times.  I have now learned to walk away from these people no matter what a pastor or church leader tells me.

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