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Stormy Sky
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Friday, 18 March 2016

David's Ten Concubines

I am reading 1 and 2 Samuel.  There is  lot of bloodshed in the battle between Saul and David as king. 

2 Samuel chapter 19 to 21, Saul and Jonathan have long died in battle and Absalom, King David's son has made himself king over those who would follow.  Another battle has happened and Absalom has been killed.

David is trying to reunite Israel.  When he goes out to battle he leaves  ten concubines to tend the palace.  When he comes home he puts these women in prison until they die.

I had some gaps in my reading time so I wondered why he would do this until I skimmed back a couple of chapters. 

Absalom in revenge of his father, had slept with David's ten concubines. 

As families go the story is much deeper. 

Amnon raped his half sister Tamara. Tamara's brother Absalom killed Amnon.  David decides to reject Absalom who then sleeps with his concubines and tries to take the throne.  Then King David morns greatly when Absalom is killed.

Many questions.  Why didn't David punish Amnon or protect Tamara? Why did he punish the concubines and yet morn greatly for Absalom?  Absalom instigated the sleeping with his concubines.  Did they go along willing or did he force them?  As women in that time did they have a say in it? Or did they too want to get back at King David?  

King David had several wives and concubines therefore he really couldn't have been a good father figure.  He spread himself to thin and this lead to many problems. 

All of this is result of a curse on David due to his sin with Bathsheba.  

In all of this women were used as pawns.  Not respected.  I know in that time women were the lesser being, more like property than humans. 

But have things changed?

Many men walk in pride and bully or demean women and put them down.  Often women are treated like property instead of human beings. I know I have had me fare share of men in my life hurting me and not respecting me, trying to put me under their control instead of God's.  As a result much of my life has not lived in the light of God and therefore I wonder how much I have not contribute to life as a result. 

I was at a women's conference many years ago.  The speaker said that Satan has trained men to think they are superior to women.  As a result many women are not doing what God wants them to do.  If they could this world would be a much better place.  It is like humanity is walking with one leg shorter than the other and we live in an unbalanced world.

This side of heaven we will never have a world where all men will treat and protect women and children as they should.  We will have to wait for the new heaven and new earth when Satan is cast into the lake of fire for eternity.  Just imagine what it will be like then. 

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